In the kingdom of King Chicco every inhabitant has a fundamental role to ensure that joy and harmony reign throughout the country. Chicco Engineer, Chicco Champion, Chicco Zen… discover them all and find the Chicco Ellebi most like you!

The King of all Grains, coarse and pearly

As the King of all Chiccoland, I am clearly perfect for gourmet recipes and refined dishes. My pearly white coat has a particular resistance that allows me to keep cooking perfectly. That is why I have held my royal title for centuries.

Chicco Campione, our No. 1 grain, big and pearly!

In the kingdom of Chiccolandia del Re I am the antagonist, as in any self-respecting fairy tale. Chicco Campione is my name, but most know me as Arborio rice. Thanks to my excellent resistance to cooking, I can enhance any flavor thus becoming the ideal teammate of any risotto.

Chicco Contadino, the light, long and thin bean!

In the realm of Chiccolandia much attention is paid to nature, so here’s where I come into play: Chicco Contadino, a Ribe Integrale rice. I keep the essential components of the wheat intact such as bran and germ and are perfect for light meals and above all detox.

Chicco Sapientone: the genius chicco, round and small

I am the wisest and most intelligent in the kingdom, it is no coincidence that they call me Chicco Sapientone, from the Original rice family. In fact, I immediately understood that unity is strength, that’s why I mix and blend so well with seasonings, making any minestrone special and becoming the favorite of Sicilians in the preparation of delicious arancini.


I am without a doubt the vainest of them all, Perfume Bean. As I pass, all the people are inebriated by the magical scent that characterizes me. Impossible not to be fascinated by my fragrance thanks to which I am unique and incomparable to any other bean.

Lancelot bean: the armored bean, long and thin.

Every realm needs its knight… and here I am: Bean Lancelot! A Parboiled Ribe rice that emerges victorious from any battle. In fact, with each cooking I always remain al dente and with my armor I protect all my properties, which thus remain intact! I am an ancient grain, born from the wisdom of other times, but which still manages to please the finest palates today.

Chicco Poeta: the versatile, fine and rounded grain!

Of all the realm I am the Chicco Poeta, by far the most versatile! Any seasoning inspires me to the point of giving me the ability to make a truly perfect dish. Even the simplest ingredient acquires added value thanks to my goodness. I am a Ribe rice that enhances and gives a touch of uniqueness to each seasoning.

Chicco Engineer: the always-on, black, semi-long Chicco!

Do you want to keep in shape without giving up the right amount of vitamins, let alone taste? I’m here, Chicco Engineer! I always have the right solution for you! I value every ingredient without losing my properties despite the long cooking and above all… I have a unique and special flavor! Remember, outside the kingdom I’m known as Black Brown Rice.

Chicco Gladiator: the historic Chicco, big, round and pearly!

Yes, I am the dreaded royal guard, Chicco Gladiatore (of course my origins make me a Roma rice). I can resist cooking like no one ever. I am an ancient Chicco, but always loved for my indisputable abilities. I can only be compared to Carnaroli rice for its splendid (and tasty) qualities.

Chicco Zen: the Chicco anti-aging, semi-long and full red!

I’m the true wellness expert of the realm: they call me Chicco Zen, a Red Integral rice. Thanks to my potential, the inhabitants of Chiccolandia always stay young, in fact, with my magic I am able to counteract cellular aging, leaving the skin supple always, despite the effects of time

Chicco Sushi: small, plump and pearly!

Lightness and refinement are my most important characteristics: I am Chicco Sushi. Although my somewhat awkward shape may make me look funny, it is this peculiarity of mine that helps me to be super compact during baking. The love for oriental food can therefore also be brought home and experienced in one’s own kitchen: all you need is the right bean… choose me!

Chicco King Arthur: durable, long and tapered!

They call me Chicco Re Arthur, but many know me as Thai rice. I collect in me the best properties of Re Chicco, Carnaroli rice and the ancient processing of Chicco Lancillotto. That’s why I’m so tough and can never overcook. In addition to being the perfect rice for any seasoning, I enhance all the ingredients with my flavor and texture!


Looking for an excellent creaming? They are the right choice: San Chicco, or rather San Andrea rice.
I am characterized by a long, tapered grain with a pearly white colour. Since I’m the best
of the kingdom, during cooking I remain softer than other types of rice and release starch, thus creating
a creamy perfect for risottos but also soups.


Known to most as Riso Baldo, in Chiccolandia they call me Chicco Tenace because I train all year round
to become super resistant and never overcook! The risottos prepared with me become creamy and well
amalgamate. Because of my particular texture, I also lend myself very well to the preparation of dishes
cold and summery like rice salad.


Chicco Chef, better known as Vialone Nano, ideal for refined dishes. With a round and pearly shape
I absorb seasonings particularly well, which is why I am considered one of the best types of rice for the
Risotto preparation. Throughout Chiccoland it is to me that you turn when you want to cook something that
Is really classy!


My California origins make me a perfect surfer – Chiccoland welcomed me as Rice Thaibonnet! I always stay on the crest of the wave to never overcook, leaving my properties completely

unaltered. They are a fresh, al dente grain, ideal for salads, side dishes and oriental dishes, to be prepared and enjoyed in just a few minutes.