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smart-ass grain - Riso Ellebi


the genius bean, round and small!

I introduce myself

I am the wisest and most intelligent in the kingdom, it is no coincidence that they call me Chicco Sapientone, from the Original rice family. In fact, I immediately understood that unity is strength, that’s why I mix and blend so well with seasonings, making any minestrone special and becoming the favorite of Sicilians in the preparation of delicious arancini.

choose me

If you suffer from high blood pressure they are ideal for your health, in fact they keep blood pressure at bay. However, this is not my only property: with my properties I also help the normal functionality of the digestive system.

taste me

Ready in 14-16 minutes, I’m super tasty for arancini and minestrone, but you can also choose me for making desserts! During cooking I release starch and this allows me to mix perfectly with the sauce, with which I truly become one of goodness!


no one ever

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In the kingdom of King Chicco every inhabitant has a fundamental role to ensure that joy and harmony reign throughout the country. Chicco Ingegnere, Chicco Campione, Chicco Zen… pack after pack, discover them all and find the Chicco Ellebi closest to you!