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fragrant grain - Riso Ellebi


the queen of fragrance, from the long and thin grain

I introduce myself

I am undoubtedly the vainest of the realm, Scented Chicco. As I pass, all the people are inebriated by the magical scent that characterizes me. Impossible not to be charmed by my fragrance thanks to which I am unique and incomparable to any other grain.

choose me

As a member of the Basmati Rice family, I not only have a special smell and taste, but I am also rich in vitamins and minerals. Despite being highly nutritious thanks to my components, they are a particularly digestible rice and an excellent source of fibers that help the regularity of your body.

taste me

Ready in 10-12 minutes, I am excellent in salads, but thanks to my delicate flavor and the magnificent aroma that distinguishes me, I am particularly good to be enjoyed on its own, as a side dish in chicken or fish-based dishes. All you have to do is try me!


perfect even on its own!

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In the kingdom of King Chicco every inhabitant has a fundamental role to ensure that joy and harmony reign throughout the country. Chicco Ingegnere, Chicco Campione, Chicco Zen… pack after pack, discover them all and find the Chicco Ellebi closest to you!