the versatile bean, fine and rounded!

I introduce myself

Of all the realm I am the Chicco Poeta, by far the most versatile! Any seasoning inspires me to the point of giving me the ability to make a truly perfect dish. Even the simplest ingredient acquires added value thanks to my goodness. I am a Ribe rice that enhances and gives a touch of uniqueness to each seasoning.

choose me

Vitamin B and fiber I certainly don’t lack, but I also have a low calorie intake. I’m good for just about everyone and can be chosen as a meal even several times during the week, so I’d say I’m a favorite of moms!

taste me

With a cooking time of 10-15 minutes they are ready to be enjoyed in any way. In fact, I adapt to any preparation and any seasoning. A rice that never disappoints!


for each preparation

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In the kingdom of King Chicco every inhabitant has a fundamental role to ensure that joy and harmony reign throughout the country. Chicco Ingegnere, Chicco Campione, Chicco Zen… pack after pack, discover them all and find the Chicco Ellebi closest to you!